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Hazardous Materials Management

Hazardous materials management organizes all measures for the safe handling of hazardous materials. Numerous regulations must be observed to protect everyone involved.

Greatest possible protection for your employees from hazardous substances

Hazardous substance management Employee protection

The task

Anyone who uses hazardous substances in their company must protect their employees from possible risks. Therefore, we will work for you in hazardous substance management. This is an important part of our occupational safety advice, because without the greatest possible protection against hazardous substances, employees can suffer serious damage to their health. In Germany, since January 1, 2005, the Ordinance on Hazardous Substances (GefStoffV) has regulated the correct handling of hazardous substances in the company and the protective measures for employees when working with hazardous substances.

We advise in all sub-areas of the hazardous materials management

The solution

We advise in all sub-areas of hazardous substance management and thus ensure that your organization meets all requirements and that employees are protected as best as possible at all times. This includes the risk assessment (Section 5 ArbSchG, Section 6 GefStoffV), the review of the effectiveness of the protective measures (Section 7 GefStoffV), the derivation of protective measures (fourth section of the GefStoffV, the documentation of the measures taken (Sections 6 and 7 GefStoffV) and the information and instruction of employees (§ 14 GefStoffV).

Hazardous materials management advice

Occupational safety services / site safety / fire protection / hazardous materials management

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FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions on the subject of occupational safety / construction site safety / fire protection / hazardous substance management

What is the goal of occupational safety?

Ensuring safety at work is one of the most important duties of the employer. He protects himself and his employees from absences due to illness, avoids difficulties with the trade association and creates an organization that does everything to ensure that employees can develop and flourish without worrying about their well-being.

What legal regulations are there?

There are far-reaching requirements in occupational safety according to the Occupational Safety Act (ASiG) and the obligations of the German statutory accident insurance. Penalties of up to 25,000 euros are due for violations. Likewise, the expiry of the insurance cover of the respective professional association can be a consequence.

Why is the risk assessment particularly important?

The risk assessment determines the relevant risks for all employees of a company in connection with the operational activity. Based on these results, individually tailored protective measures are implemented to reduce the risk of accidents and health as best as possible.

What does construction site safety mean?

Construction site safety refers to the monitoring and internal coordination tasks on the construction site. With regard to possible mutual hazards between several companies on a construction site, the main legal basis is the construction site ordinance (BauStellV). As a rule, this is also linked to the construction site-specific questions about environmental protection.

What are the accident prevention regulations?

The accident prevention regulations represent the binding obligations regarding occupational safety and health protection at the workplace. They apply to every company and every person insured under statutory accident insurance. A safety and health protection coordinator is often used to ensure compliance with accident prevention regulations.

Why is fire protection necessary?

According to the GDV General Association of the German Insurance Industry, fire damage occurs in Germany every three minutes on average. Fire protection is intended to prevent a fire from starting or spreading due to fire or smoke and to enable the rescue of people and animals as well as effective extinguishing work in the event of a fire.

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