Our team has many years of experience and comprehensive expertise on all aspects of operational environmental protection and occupational safety. Our employees are proven experts in their respective fields. Get to know us!

Team Portraitfoto Angela Billstein

Angela Billstein

Dipl. Pädagogin

Head of competence team
Management systems

Team Portraitfoto Dr. Nils-Oliver Höppner

Dr. Nils-Oliver Höppner

Executive Partner
Team Portraitfoto Dr. Johannes Melcher

Dr. Johannes Melcher

Dr. rer. nat & Dipl. Chemiker

Head of competence team Emergency
& Crisis management

Team Portraitfoto Dr. Oliver Stolte

Dr. Oliver Stolte


Executive Partner

Team Portraitfoto Marie Fournier

Marie Fournier

M.Sc. - Ing. Umweltingenieurwesen

Project engineer

Team Portraitfoto Oliver Franck

Oliver Franck

M.Sc. Wirtschaftswissenschaften

Project consultant

Team Portraitfoto Marie Freimann

Christin-Marie Freimann

Bachelor of Law (LL.B)

Project consultant

Team Portraitfoto Nawel Gafrachi

Nawel Gafrachi

Dipl.-Ing. Industriechemie

Project consultant

Team Portraitfoto Frank Hartmann

Frank Hartman


Project consultant

Team Portraitfoto Jessica Jansch-Krentz

Jessica Krentz (Jansch-Krentz)

Diplom (Farbdesign)


Team Portraitfoto Torben Kröll

Torben Kroll

Dipl. Umweltwissenschaften

Project consultant

Team Portraitfoto Nineve Kucun

Nineve Ceylan

B.Sc. Wirtschaftsingenieurwesen
(Maschinenbau & Wirtschaft)

Project engineer

Team Portraitfoto Heiko Königer

Heiko Königer

Staatl. gepr. Techniker

Project consultant

Team Portraitfoto Sarah Köpfer

Sarah Köpfer

M.Sc. Umweltingenieurin

Head of competence team
Climate protection & sustainability

Team Portraitfoto Christian Langmacker

Christian Langmacker

Dipl. Bauingenieurwesen (FH)

Head of competence team
Occupational and construction site safety
& Fire protection

Team Portraitfoto Heiko Lessmann

Heiko Leßmann


Project consultant, sales manager

Team Portraitfoto Dierk Lürsen

Dierk Lürsen


Project consultant

Team Portraitfoto Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Schulz

Univ.-Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Schulz

Head of competence team
Industrial economics advice
Team Portraitfoto Marius Quitmann-Crawaack

Marius Quitmann-Crawaack

B.Sc. Umweltwissenschaften

Head of competence team
Energy audits

Team Portraitfoto Angelika Rehmann

Angelika Rehmann

Kfm. Angestellte

Management Assistant

Team Portraitfoto Lia Schlüsselburg

Lia Schlüsselburg

M.Sc. Umweltingenieurwesen

Project engineer

Team Portraitfoto Stanley Smolka

Stanley Smolka

B.A. Sociology, Politics & Economics

Project consultant

Team Portraitfoto Kevin Schnepel

Kevin Schnepel

Project consultant

Team Portraitfoto Melanie Stein

Melanie Stein

& Industriemeister Metall

Project consultant

Team Portraitfoto Sandra Schweppe

Sandra Schweppe

M.Sc. Umweltnaturwissenschaften

Project consultant

Team Portraitfoto Joachim Voss

Joachim Voß


Head of competence team
Environmental officer

Team Portraitfoto Michael Wentler

Michael Wentler

Dipl.-Ing. Umwelt- und
Entsorgungstechnik (FH)

Executive Partner

Team Portraitfoto Julia Werhahn

Julia Werhahn

Dipl. Betriebswirtschaft (FH)

Head of competence team
Legal cadastre

Team Portraitfoto Eva Wesssel-Bothe

Eva Wessel-Bothe

B.Sc. Environmental
& Resource Management

Project consultant

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