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Highly toxic chemicals discarded 01.09.2021

Lebanon, a country in permanent crisis 04.08.2021

Beirut disaster a year ago 02.08.2021

Höppner on hazardous material recovery 02.08.2021

Clearing specialists in demand 06.07.2021

Explosion in Beirut 01.03.2021

FAILED STATE – Toxic waste and violence 16.02.2021

Sluggish reconnaissance of the explosion 13.02.2021

Beirut was ‘lucky’, says German firm 11.02.2021

“Conglomerate of Madness” 10.02.2021

After the explosion in Beirut 09.02.2021

Toxic waste in the port of Beirut 09.02.2021

The averted catastrophe 06.02.2021

Port of Beirut: German company 06.02.2021

The second time bomb 04.02.2021

Bremen company clears after disaster 24.01.2021

Explosion disaster in Beirut 21.01.2021

Chemicals unprotected for years 18.01.2021

Forgotten containers 04.01.2021

German company Combi Lift disposes of toxic chemicals 30.12.2020

A German company cleans up 30.12.2020

Combi Lift hired to clear 24.11.2020

Combi Lift secures contract 20.11.2020

After the explosion: 49 containers with dangerous goods 20.11.2020

An agreement was signed at Beirut 18.11.2020

49 containers with dangerous goods 20.10.2020

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